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Social life finds a way

The past weeks I have not been feeling happy at all. I broke down almost four weeks ago and haven’t been the same since. Yes, the stress of work hasn’t left completely and yes, I have stress raising two kids with autism. Yes, I struggle with one of the kids becoming a man. But when you are confined at home for a few weeks, with no desire to do anything, all you have left to do is thinking.

Now I have written this blog post, thought about it, deleted it and started over. Because this post is a way to share my feelings, I felt in the previous version I was feeling too sorry for myself and I need happy thoughts right now. But first, let me finish what I started:

When I was thinking about my life and why I was in that situation, borderline to a burn-out, I also looked at my social life…or rather the lack of. When I had my break-down, I dropped out of facebook and most other social media. I even stopped making video’s for a while. And at a certain point, I closed my facebook account. Although it gave me rest, it also made one thing clear: I am lonely.

I used to spend a lot of time on facebook. So for a long time I never realised how lonely I was. because in the place where I live, I have no human friends. looking back, once a month there was an occasion I looked forward to: the monthly VIP evening at Strip 2000. Because there I could hang out with people who shared a love for comic books. But January 2017 the last of these evenings was held.

Right now I have been on and off of facebook. In a way I wish I could avaoid it entirely, as I have a growing dislike for the platform. but on the other hand, it is a sort of lifeline for me, to have some social interaction.

Hopefully life will find a way, so that I can have more human interaction, hang out with real people and chat, drink a cup of coffee and have a generally nice time.

A few days agao I drove up to Amsterdam with my wife, to have a cup of coffee with my friend Michael Minneboo. That was really nice! We chatted, of course about how I was feeling, but also over comics, movies and his recently published book “Mijn vriend Spider-Man” (My friend Spider-Man). And when we drove back home again, I felt a lot happier. In a way facebook never could have accomplish!

So, my mission now is to help life find a way and seek out friends to hang out with! Of course a bit closer by, as it will be a bit costly to drive to Amsterdam every week, but still, of that is necessary, I will go the distance.

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A while ago a very impressive trailer dropped. From a new studio: Oats Studios. And the name of the man behind this: Neil Blomkamp. So…he is working on something new? Interesting! And just a few days ago, this studio dropped something uber cool on their YouTube channel: a 20+ minutes sci-fi movie, Rakka.

I have been following Mr. Blomkamp since he brought us District 9. This was such an amazing film! After that came Elysium, with an amazing Matt Damon. And the third movie was one I was looking out for since I saw the trailer, Chappie! For several reasons was I curious to this one. I have been a big fan of Short Circuit, an 80s comedy about a military robot, who gaines consciousness. Very funny.

I see Chappie as a sort of adult version of that film. And it featured Die Antwoord. Although I am not a huge fan, I do enjoy a lot of their music and the story behind what they do. And they work great in this movie.

The next thing I was looking out for, was Blomkamp’s Alien movie. With his previous films in mind, this could only become something amazing and probably scary. Sadly it was not meant to be and now he moved on to a different approach: making independent films, fan funded.

Rakka is the first installment and I very much enjoyed it. Initially I thought it was sort of a documentary, but slowly a storyline appeared. I was quite surprised to find Sigourney Weaver starring in it! Well, with the cancellation of Alien, this is the next best thing! Rakka is a dark tale about an alien invasion into our world. A story told a million times and yet Blomkamp, in his own style, made it something new and fresh, yet dark and gloomy at the same time.

You can watch Rakka on YouTube, for free, how about that! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjQ2t_yNHQs&t=0s

As I mentioned: the goal of Oats Studios is to create movie content for the fans and directky funded by the fans. You can support them through their website and Steam page and I can only urge you to do this! People who can create something this stunning, need to be supported directly by that fans. This way, the money doesn’t end up in the pockets of studio execs or overpaid actors, but ends up with people that have a passion for making quality films.

And obviously the funding of Rakka will determine if more of these films can be made. So go and watch this amazing short film and support these guys!

Check out more: http://oatsstudios.com/ & http://store.steampowered.com/app/652150/Oats_Studios__Volume_1_Assets/

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Up & Down

T.S. : Tell her about the elevator!
Brodie: It goes up and down?

Life is a strange thing. One day you feel great and it seems you are finally finding your way up again. But then something small can happen and you tumble down again. That’s my life at the moment.

I’ve been on sick leave for almost three weeks now and a few days ago, I really felt a whole lot better. Of course that had everything to do with the fact that the main reason why I am at home, was far, far away. But in a few days that will be a lot different and I fear I will have to return to the same situation, that caused this near-burn out in the first place. And if nothing changes, I worry it might turn into an actual burn-out.

So it seems I tumbled back down again. With no lust to do what I love doing the most: creating video’s. I dropped out completely out of most social media. And I feel even more lonely at the moment.

What’s next? Well, right now I don’t really know. I hope I can catch an elevator back up soon. But for now, I just write my feelings down here, in my cyber journal…

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Queen of the Ocean

While at home, facing a burn-out, you need to take a few steps back. The first two weeks, all I (managed to) did, was sleep, walk around the house and watch TV. Nothing of the things I enjoyed, I could do. Now that the source of my stress is gone, I slowly start to feel a bit better. Well, less zombie!

So the past two days, I did some chores that had been waiting for ages. I finally placed an electrical outlet and lightswitch at my shed. And I fitted a rain-gutter, finally, at the roof at the back of our yard. Also we cleaned out a lot of junk! And looking back, i can say I really enjoyed doing that! So much that I am already planning some more work tomorrow, so I guess that is a good thing?

Even thought the joy of the work energized me to a certain extent, it exhausted me at the same time, so I decided to take it easy tonight. As I looked at my CD collection, I thought about what to listen. The past eight months I am totally into soul, funk and disco and loving it. But my eye fell on a cd I had not played in a very long time. Like a few years: Queen of the Ocean, by the LA based singer Lana Lane.

I discovered Lana Lane’s music back in 2000, when I started out working for Arjen Lucassen. Back then he recorded with both Lana and her husband, Erik Norlander, on several albums, both his and theirs. I quickly fell in love with Lana’s voice and loved her music. The first album I listened to, was Secrets of Astrology, an proggressive metal album. Over the years I have collected pretty much all albums by Lana Lane.

I have been heavily involved in the progressive rock/metal community as reviewer, but dropped out late 2014, when I simply was fed up with the load of mediocre albums I was asked to review. Once in a while I play an album, that I know I enjoyed back then, but the fire never returned.

But when I put on the Queen of the Ocean album, I immediately enjoyed it. It felt really good. So good, that when it was finished, I put on Secrets of Astrology 🙂 A trip down memory lane! Well, to be honest, I never stopped loving the music of Lana Lane! She has an amazing voice and makes amazing music. Sometime heavy, always melodic.

If you are curious, below two of the most beautiful songs, in my opinions, that she ever recorded! Well, there are more, but of you are not familiar with her, check out these songs. And if you like what you hear, do yourself a favor and look up Someone to believe and Alexandria on YouTube!

Queen of the Ocean (live in Japan 2002)


Secrets of Astrology suite (live)


(Ok, for some reason I can post only links, but be sure to check out these two amazing songs!)


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Going back to my roots

Just like that, it came to me…this blog should go back to what it was started for: my love for the works of Kevin Smith! Well…that and movies in general…and maybe some music. And also some personal thoughts…so basically ging back to my roots.

I am a guy that when he loves something, he dives right in and goes the whole nine yards. When I discovered both websites and progressive rock, I wasn’t satisfied with just enjoying the music. no, I wanted to do more, so I wanted to start a website about the genre. This led to me becoming webmaster for one of the greatest prog/metal geniuses, Arjen ‘Ayreon’ Lucassen. Quickly I rolled into this prog rock world and ended up as reviewer for 10 years.

When I got tired of that, I quickly found a passion from my youth: comic books. Once again, I didn’t settle for just enjoying reading them. No, I had to do more. So I became the Strip Vlogger. And dove into this amazing world, which in all fairness, I still love.

But now I realize that might be a cause why I am now at home, at the border of a burn-out! When I go in, I go in all the way. I do that with the things I like and I also do that with my dayjob. And when you find yourself at a point where you cannot go the distance, the frustration sets in.

So here I am, back at my very first website, which I initially started as a fan page for the movies (and other works) of Kevin Smith. A few years ago I tried blogging. Since I am a vlogger at heart, that didn’t last long. Yet here I am, again giving blogging a try. And also reverting back to English.

I am curious if others also experience that, but in many things I have gone back to my roots: I now listen a lot to the music from my youth. As much I love all the new comic books, I am going back to my first comic book love: Robbedoes and revived also that fan site. And I am reviving this website. As a place to share my feelings, thoughts and other random stuff. Whenever possible about or linked to Kevin Smith, as he remains to be my favourite filmmaker.

Feel free to follow me 🙂

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Slow down or burn out

Tijd gaat snel. Ten minste, zo lijkt het. de laatste keer dat ik op deze site een blog postte, was twee jaar en (bijna) een maand geleden. In de tussentijd ben ik uitgegroeid tot een vlogger. Al mijn vrije tijd gaat op aan het maken van video’s, voornamelijk over strips. Voorbereiden, opnemen, monteren en als de video klaar is, promoten.

Aangezien ik een zo succesvol mogelijk vlogger wil zijn, kijk ik regelmatig video’s van mensen die er verstand van hebben en adviezen en tips geven. En dus zet ik naast YouTube alle andere social media in, om mijn video’s bekendheid te geven: Facebook, Twitter en zelfs Instagram. En daarnaast post ik bijna al mijn video’s ook nog eens op de bijbehorende website.

Maar het leven bestaat natuurlijk niet alleen uit vloggen. Hoe graag ik het ook doe, feitelijk is het maar een klein deel van mijn tijdsbesteding.Het grootste deel wordt opgeslokt door gezin, werk en slapen. Al met al blijft er weinig tijd over voor andere zaken.

Zo lang alles goed gaat, is er weinig aan de hand. Totdat er ergens iets niet gaat zoals het hoort. Als ergens de spanning hoger wordt, dan deze hoort te zijn. Dat blijft een tijd goed gaan, misschien met enkel oplap periodes. Maar uiteindelijk gaat het toch een keer mis.

En op dat punt ben ik nu beland. Spanning in mijn werkomgeving ging zich langzaam ophopen. Aanvankelijk had ik dat niet in de gaten, totdat ik ineens overspannen thuis zat. Het devies was toen: leuke dingen doen, zodat je weer ontspant en weer energie krijgt. Dat werkt even, maar de oorzaak van de spanning verdween niet. En voor je het weet, zit je weer thuis, met hetzelfde probleem. En dezelfde oplossing.

Tsja, zo begint het een vicieuze cirkel te worden. Totdat de dokter ineens waarschuwt dat je niet op een burn-out afstevent…

Of ik nu daadwerkelijk een burn-out heb, dat weet ik niet. Ik denk het niet, hoewel ik er wel héél dicht tegenaan zit. En afgaand op de bedrijfsarts, is eigenlijk de enige richting, de gang naar de psycholoog. Dus ja, volgens mij zit ik op het randje.

Via een facebook vriend kreeg ik een link toegestuurd en toen ik het las, viel mijn mond open…dit zou precies over mij kunnen gaan! Ik denk dat 80-90% op mijn situatie van toepassing is! Nu had ik al moeite om mijn problemen goed te beschrijven, maar dit artikel doet dat eigenlijk al voor me. je kan dit hier lezen: http://www.mynd.nu/waarom-een-burnout-dus-niet-door-drukte-komt-in-tegendeel/.

Nu is het dus zaak om rigoreuze actie te nemen en op de rem te gaan. Momenteel zit ik verplicht thuis en zolang ik thuis zit, vol ik me wel redelijk goed. Uiteraard komt dit, omdat de belangrijkste bron van spanning, mijn werkomgeving, nu even ver weg is.

Aanvankelijk kreeg ik (wederom) het advies om iets leuks te gaan doen, zodat ik mij kon ontspannen en richten op leuke dingen. Maar ik voel me niet zo goed, dat ik vrolijk en enthousiast voor de camera kan gaan zitten om een leuke strip te bespreken. (Hoewel ik dit wel ga proberen, om te kijken of het me inderdaad wat ontspanning en energie brengt.)

Maar voorlopig neem ik behoorlijk gas terug, in alles. En ga ik, aangezien ik een stuk minder zal vloggen de komende tijd, weer eens proberen wat te bloggen. Twee jaar niet gedaan en toen ik begon al moeite om het regelmatig te doen. Maar voorlopig is dit wel even een plek waar ik in alle rust wat gedachten kwijt kan. Of iemand ze leest weet ik niet, maar dat kan me momenteel ook niet veel schelen.


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Tsja, daar zit ik dan weer achter mijn toetsenbord. Met moeite heb ik mezelf weggesleept van Facebook en ben mijn tweede blog aan het typen. Maar ja, waar ga ik het over hebben. Deze zelfde vraag stel ik me ook vaak af als ik een video wil gaan maken. Waar zal ik eens een video over maken. En dat terwijl ik toch al een jaar of 5 een fervent Youtuber ben en alles bij elkaar al bijna 400 video’s heb gemaakt. Waarom dan toch weer die vraag?

Iedere artiest heeft ermee te maken. Elke schrijver heeft ermee te maken. Met inspiratie. Hoe gaat het gezegde ook al weer…2% inspiratie en 98% transpiratie? Nou ja, hoe dan ook, de basis om iets te schrijven, een boek, een film of een blog, begint met inpsiratie. Oftewel, het geen waar je iets over gaat schrijven.

Ja…dan loop ik eigenlijk snel vast. Met mijn Youtube videos iets minder snel. Dat komt omdat de meeste van mijn video’s een recensie van iets zijn. Dan heb ik niet zo zeer inspiratie, maar wel een onderwerp, waar ik iets over kan zeggen. Zo heb ik bijvoorbeeld op mijn Live Prog Youtube kanaal 422 video’s staan. Het merendeel CD of DVD recensies plus wat interviews en wat andere video’s. Genoeg inspiratie dus. Ja, zo lang er nieuwe CD’s komen, heb ik genoeg inspiratie.

Maar toen ben ik wat anders gaan doen. Ik wilde video’s blijven maken. Maar waarover dan? Hmmm, comics vindt ik nu leuk. Dus daarover dan maar? En vervolgens stripboeken. Dus nog steeds inspiratie.

Toch is er wel iets verandert in mijn denken. En dat is de danken aan de jongens en meisjes van the Nerdfighter Vlogging Initiative Facebook groep. Geen grap, maar op 1 April 2015 pikte ik daar iets op over VEDA. Vlogging Every Day in April, oftewel in April elke dag een vlog maken. En de eisen daaraan waren erg laag. Het hoefde niet netjes gemonteerd te worden of goed voorbereid, nee juist heel spontaan. En dat was nieuw voor me. Want waar ga ik het elke dag over hebben?

Het is me uiteindelijk wel gelukt. 30 Video’s in 30 dagen. Blijkbaar genoeg inspiratie gehad, hoewel niet alles even boeiend was. Maar ik heb er wel van geleerd om vaker eens een spontane video op te nemen. En dat is eigenlijk best leuk. Conclusie? Op video gebied heb ik over het algemeen wel genoeg inspiratie. Ook genoeg transpiratie, trouwens, want ik stop er stiekem veel tijd en energie in.

Maar ja, dan dat blog. Waar ga ik dat over houden? Mijn aanvankelijke idee was om elke week een blog te schrijven, voornamelijk over wat ik die week had meegemaakt of wat me opgevallen was. Maar ja, dat liep niet echt. Want mijn leven is helaas niet zo bijster boeiend. Ik maak niet veel dingen mee. Ik heb mijn baan en daarnaast mijn gezin. Maar dat alles is allemaal vrij bescheiden. Niet echt materiaal voor een blog. Strips dan? Nou ja, daar maak ik al video’s over. Films? Eigenlijk wil ik daar ook nog video’s over maken. Muziek dan? Dat heb ik al jaren gedaan.

Tsja, daar zit ik dan weer achter mijn toetsenbord. Waar ga ik het over hebben? Als ik  nu even teruglees, heb ik toch een aardig verhaal getyped. Hee, dus toch inspiratie! Nou, dat valt niet tegen dan. Maar ja…nu heb ik dit onderwerp gehad, dus een volgende keer kom ik hier niet weer mee weg. Maar ach, dat is voor een ander blog.


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Een nieuw begin….alweer!

Het moge duidelijk zijn dat ik niet echt een blogger ben.Dit is mijn derde poging inmiddels, om te gaan bloggen. Deze keer in het Nederlands. Dat komt omdat ik voor mijn Youtube videos inmiddels ook overgeschakeld ben op Nederlands. Dit bevalt me beter dan ik gedacht had. Ik heb jaren Youtube muziek recensies gedaan, in het Engels. Maar vaak bemerkte ik dat ik mij niet goed genoeg kon uitdrukken. Voordat ik aan mijn Nederlandstalige Youtube kanaal begon, had ik al een paar pogingen gedaan om videos in het Nederlands te maken en dat beviel goed.

Uiteraard ben ik in de eerste plaats een video maker. Dat vindt ik erg leuk om te doen. Ik heb recentelijk zelfs een video gemaakt samen  met iemand. Dat is de eerste keer en ik ben benieuwd hoe die gaat worden (ik moet hem nog monteren). Maar als aanvulling wil ik toch ook weer wat gaan bloggen. Dat zal toch voornamelijk over strips en films zijn, want dat zijn de twee dingen waar ik het liefste mijn vrije tijd mee vul. Maar ik ben ook van plan om te gaan cosplayen, dus daar zal ik ook wel over bloggen.

Dus…dit is wederom een nieuw begin. Alleen zal ik nu niet de fout maken om van te voren te zeggen wanneer en hoe vaak ik ga bloggen! Maar ik zal wel proberen om het met enige regelmaat te doen.

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War…what is it good for…

Well, I am already fairly behind in my weekly blog challenge. This should have been my fourth blog, but sadly it is only my second. I had started on one, two weeks ago. But as you may recall that week the world was shocked about what had happened in Paris. Since this also had a big impact on me, I wanted to write about this, but the blog started to turn in a more political direction and that I’d prefer to avoid on this blog.

But now that I am finally back blogging, I do like to dive into thsi theme of war, for one, because last week gave me three more war related topics, that I will try to connect in one blog.

Civil War

One of the first comic books I bought, which I also mentioned in my previous post, is the Marvel Civil War event – Iron Man. I had two reasons for getting this: first of all the fact that the third Captain America movie is dubbed Civil War and the Nerd Sync Productions podcast, which explained to me what the Civil War was all about. The fact that the Iron Man issue also featured Captain America, made my choice for it very easy. I recently posted a review of this comic on my youtube page (click here to watch it).


This concept, and keep in mind I am new to comics, feels very strange to me. People, superheroes, that have been working and fighting together, to keep our world safe, suddenly are on opposite sides and are fighting eachother. The reason: the wish of the government, to have every person with extraordinary powers register, in other words, put your life in teh hands of the government, to be held accountable and to get training. To some extent this sounds reasonable, especially the training part. Because let’s be honest, most superheroes aren’t exactly professionals.

But they do put their life on the line for the people. They do go out there and fight the bad guys, the criminals and save the innocent, wherever and whenever they can. And despite they are not professionals, they often prepare themselves well. To include a few movie examples: What about Captain America himself? He was pretty much conceived and trained by the US Army, by Howard Stark. But even Peter Parker, and I’m going with the Andrew Garfield one, even though he got his powers by accident, he practised, worked on his webshooters to make them better, with his adversary in mind. Granted, he couldn’t save Gwen. But would he have safed her if he was professionally trained?

And that is just one aspect of this Registration Act. I am not even talking about the whole identity issue. I do however, take a side in this Civil War and that is with Captain America. I am against government involvement. After all, how many examples of corrupted governments can we find? While most superheroes are selfless heroes.


Secret Wars

Last week Marvel hosted a live stream press conference, which to be honest, looked rather amateuristic (especially that it cut off while they clearly weren’t done!) and they had been building up to this event. In this press conference they announced a huge event in the comic book universe, where, please correct me if I understood this wrong, pretty much every comic book universe will merge together to one huge comic universe. The event that will lead to this is called Secret Wars.


Great…more war in the comic book universe and maybe also in the cinematic universe. Now, what the exact impact of this will be, I do not know. I had been under the impression that the Marvel comic book universe was not the easiest to get into, as starting comic book reader. It was mentioned that the Secret Wars will have casualties. Some say this might also have to do with the fact that the rights to certain characters in the cinematic universe, are not with Marvle, but with other companies: Sony has the movie rights to Spiderman and 20th Century Fox has the rights to the X-Men. Killing off a character in the comics, might have effects for the movie characters…at least, that is what I understood from it.

So the question is: will secret wars make this easier for starting (and experienced) comic book readers or more complex? I think we will have to wait and see.

Now I could add one other war to this blog, as Marvel also announced The Avengers Infinity Wars part 1 and 2, but I won’t do that…for the record, they are mentiond.

Battle of the Five Armies

The-Hobbit-The-Battle-of-the-Five-ArmiesAway from comic books, but still staying with movies: Last night I unexpectedly went to see the last part of The Hobbit trilogy, Battle of the Five Armies, in the cinema. Not just any cinema, but the most advanced cinema in Europe, which happens to be located in my hometown. Luck me, yay! Here I got to experience the movie in crystal clear 3D (not Imax) and with very impressive Atmos sound. And I have to say, it was indeed very impressive!

Now, the title of the movie was quite clear on what to expect: more war. Peter Jackson is of course *the* man to bring this in the most amazing visual style. He had shown with the earlier Lord of the Rings movies that he can bring a huge battle on screen. I’m wondering if he wanted to end with a really massive battle, but I’d have to re-visit the LotR movies for comparisson.

I know there is a lot of discussion about the fact that despite the fact that The Hobbit book is not nearly as long as the LotR book(s), Jackson still made three just as long movies out of them. Now having seen all these movies I have to give my honest opinion and say that I couldn’t care less if the original The Hobbit book wasn’t as long. I haven’t read it, so I cannot talk about things that Jackson might have added or dragged on, but in my experience he made another great trilogy of movies that I very much enjoyed.

hobbit-the-battle-of-the-five-armies-golden-army-imagesWhen I was sitting in the cinema, taking in the final chapter of Middle Earth, I felt a bit sad. The reason i don’t mind Peter Jackson creating three long movies out of a small book, is the fact that I feel very much at home in Middle Earth. When I see places like Lake Town, Erebor, The Misty Mountains and the Shire, they feel like I have been there before. And when I see Lord Elrond making a brief appearance, I go like “hey, cool, he’s there too!” And when I see Saruman telling Lord Elrond and Galadriel to leave Sauron to him, I know how that will play out.thorin_vs_Azog

So yes, maybe Jackson dragged it out too long, but I don’t mind. And that last battle…that was impresisve. But most of the time I felt sad, as they good guys were looking at this massive Orc force, not one but two armies of Orcs, against one army of Elves and one of Dwarfs, with a group of humans fighting with them. Also the final battle between Azog and Thorin! I was so happy to see thorin come to his senses and take on Azog.

War…what is it good for?

Absolutely nothing!

Wow, I was really going up in this Middle Earth battle. Way more than the Civil War of Secret Wars. But of course those are stories, made up stories, for entertainment. And yes, with current technology, these wars and battles can be brought very convincing. But in the end they are not real. In the end, the film ends and you go home, in peace.

Talking about a realistic war scene in a movie, what about Saving Private Ryan? Ok, I just had to mention it.

Now this brings me, yes, I have to mention it, to events from roughly two weeks ago. And this time it is not on the big screen, it is not directed by Peter Jackson or told by Marvel. This time it is the grim reality. Seemingly out of the blue two men gun down twelve people from tghe French magazine Charlie Hebdo, a magazine that is known for publishing very satyrical cartoons. As reason the gunners said they avenged someone who was very important to them and they were offended by these cartoons.

This shocked the entire world. I can tell you, I was glued to my screen, when the police found the gunners and in the end killed them. Later there was a march, where nearly 4 milion people walked through Paris. Shortly after there was an incident in Belgium where also two men were killed, that were planning to carry outa terrorist attack. And various headlines read our world was at war. I take it, at war with radical terrorists.

Sadly this is not a war we can walk away from, by leaving the cinema, shutting down the TV or closing the comic book. This is a war that can touch pretty much all of us. All it takes is being at the wrong time, at the wrong place, which these days can happen faster than you could ever imagine.

And now, more than two weeks after these events, where are we now? The news on Charlie Hebdo is fading. It is old news again. The march, what was it for exactly? That is still not clear to me. As I said in the beginning, I am not looking for a political or even religious debate, but at the same time I am not for political correctness, as thid threat is too real and too dangerous to ignore. I hope it will not come to an actual war, because in a real war, nobody wins. In a real war everybody looses. well, save maybe the weapons manufacturers and dealers.

I hope we can stick to a war in our comic book universe or Middle Earth and be safe.

Ok, this blog turned out a bit longer than I thought it would. But then again, I had to catch up a bit…hahahaha…next time I will not take up so much reading time. And yes, I still am aiming for a blog next sunday. In the mean time, enjoy some of my videos that I will bring before then and I hope you’ll be back here next week.

Stay safe and enjoy a good comic or movie!






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2015 – The Beginning

Wow, that almost sounds like a movie title. Well…it might, the movie of my life. And as I promised, here is the first blog of 2015. If I can meet my challenge, this will be 1 of 52 blogs this year. This means I am giving a look in my life, even more than I did in the past. I am a very open guy, share several things on social media and just about every video review I recorded, as done in my living room. But this blog thing will be different. This will be about my actual life and what I experience every week, not a story about an album.

The turnover to 2015 went by smoothly. I started the new year by finally reading one of the first comic books I bought weeks ago, Marvel’s Civil War – Iron Marvel Civil War - Iron ManMan. I bought this with in mind the next Captain America movie, which would be about the Civil War and because I got curious about this, after listening to a Nerd Sync Podcast, where they discussed this. The reason it took me so long to read it, is that I have been more busy with buying nerd things, that actually reading the comics. That will definitely change in the coming year, as I will be reading a lot of comics!

Of course next to my journey into Nerddom, I also spend some time with the family. We had some nice meals and took a few trips in the vacation. Which the kids enjoyed. I played Lego Batman 2 on the Wii with my youngest and introduced him to DC Universe Online, in which he is now way better and further than me…and he is playing it for only two days!

Lady Gaga - ArtpopNow I also got some new music, music fitting for my current state of mind. Music I never thought I’d every buy! But here I am, owner of an actual Lady Gaga album, her latest, Artpop. And I love it! Got me some Madonna and the second Lana Del Rey album, Ultraviolence as well. As much as I love movies, I do like to listen to some music as well and this is the music that currently makes me feel good. And I believe that is what music should be about.

My Batman addiction was fed yesterday, as I picked up two more issues of Batman – The Widening Gyre as well as the movies Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises, both on blu-ray. Now I have all Batman movies on blu-ray…and yes, that includes the 1966 one! As for The Widening Gyre, I am a Kevin Smith fan and do remember him posting on his website that he did a few Batman stories, with artwork from Walt Flanagan. Even though then I wasn’t into comics, I was curious. imagine how happy I was, when I found them at my local comic book store! Now I have the first three issues, I’m half way. DSC08298

But I am not just into Batman. I got some sound advice in the Marvel group on facebook, to pick a hero you liked and just read comics about that one. Since I am also a big Spiderman fan, I asked a recommendation from the comic book store. There they said to wait a bit, for the new Amazing Spiderman series, that was coming. I was told that Marvel would bring Peter Parker back and give him a good new start. So…that one is on order now, it might take a week or two, but I am patient. Besides…I still have a couple of comics to read!

The week ended not so great, sadly. I finally picked a day to record two new videos. Prepared for them, scripted them and recorded them. But when I reviewed the material, I found a few technical problems had occurred. Like at a certainnpoint the camera had stopped recording, something I noticed only a few minutes later, so I had more audio than video and that was a bit hard to fix with pictures. Also, the recording volume of my microphone was way too low. And lastly, I did one video with green screen, but in the edit, I noticed that when I held up the comic book, there was this weird shadow effect, which was very annoying. So this means I will have to do it all over again. Ah well, that’s life.

Tomorrow it is back to work and back to the normal routine…fortunately for only 8 hours a day, so I already look forward to tomorrow evening, to get back working on the things I truly enjoy!

Have a great week all and make sure you at least reserve some time to do something you enjoy!


P.s. Although I will be bringing a new blogpost every sunday, that doesn;t mean I only blog on that set time! I might bring some shorter blogs in between!